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Dental prices

At Crystal Dental planning and scheduling dental treatments is crucial to providing you the very best of dental care. We make sure that prices are reviewed at the first appointment with you, once your specific requirements are gathered by our dentists. ( Our dentists will then discuss with you all possible treatments suitable for your particular needs and demands.)

Before each treatment you will receive a check-up and x-ray to make sure all solutions can be recommended. In case you may require any extra treatment, we will then discuss with you each detail. At Crystal Dental, prices are Crystal clear. We ensure that before beginning your treatment, you accepted all proposed plans and you are satisfied.

Price list

Clinical examination

Consultation (Oral camera)FREE
Dental study model/per jaw5 000 HUF
Prescription3 000 HUF
Panaromic X-ray5 000 HUF
Small X-ray2 000 HUF
Anasthesia2 000 HUF

Children dentistry(Primary Teeth)

Filling5 000 HUF
Extraction5 000 HUF
Trepanation5 000 HUF
Flourid varnish treatment 2 000 HUF

Preventive treatment

Oral hygiene skill advice5 000 HUF
Sealing of fissure5 000 HUF
Ultrasonic Scaling, polishing (calculus removal)12 000 HUF
Sand blasting10 000 HUF
Sensitive teeth therapy5 000 HUF

Dental bleaching

Home45 000 HUF
Clinic65 000 HUF
Bleaching a root canal treated teeth (max 3 times)20 000 HUF
Teeth accessories12 000 HUF


Root Canal treatment for 1-2 canal tooth20 000 HUF
Root Canal treatment for 3 canal teeth30 000 HUF
Removing old root canal filling12 000 HUF
Medicalol root filling (temporary/canal)2 000 HUF

Esthetic filling

Direct,- indirect pulp capping8 000 HUF
1 surface12 000 HUF
2 surfaces14 000 HUF
3 surfaces16 000 HUF


Metal free porcelain crown (circonium oxid)70 000 HUF
Metal Fused to porcelain crown47 000 HUF
Gold ceramics crown60 000 HUF + gold
Venner65 000 HUF
Glass fiber pin20 000 HUF
Cast post (laboratory-metallic)15 000 HUF
Replacing crown or bridge with cement5 000 HUF/crown
Removing a crown or a bridge (per piece)4 000 HUF
Temporary crown5 000 HUF
Fixing a broken or damaged porcelain part of crown or bridge7 000 HUF
Night guard15 000 HUF


Gold inlay50 000 HUF + gold
Press ceramic inlay65 000 HUF
Gold-ceramic inlay60 000 HUF + gold
Gradia inlay45 000 HUF

Removable dentures

Complete denture (made of acrylat / per jaw)120 000 HUF
Partial metal denture (per jaw)135 000 HUF
Partial denture (made of acryl)70 000 HUF
Hidden precison attachment/piece30 000 HUF

Dentures Reperation

Broken acrylat denture reperation10 000 HUF
Repairing a clasp10 000 HUF
Replacing missing or brooked tooth in denture10 000 HUF
Rebasing of denture15 000 HUF

Oral Surgery

Consultation and dental diseases examination5 000 HUF
Tooth, root extraction12 000 HUF
Sculption15 000 HUF
Extracting wisdom tooth with surgery30 000 HUF
Extracting a rooth with surgery 25 000 HUF


1 tooth30 000 HUF
2 teeth40 000 HUF
Gingiva electrosergical scalpel8 000 HUF
Incision10 000 HUF
CTG70 000 HUF


Denti® Implant120 000 HUF
Nobel® Implant190 000 HUF
Replacing healing abutment20 000 HUF

Bone Augmentation

Bone substitute material (Creos - Botiss)120 000 HUF
Sinus Augmentation170 000 HUF


Oral examination and treatment plan
(taking impression, panoramic x-ray, face and intraoral photo documentation)
35 000 HUF
Removable appliance80 000 - 100 000 HUF
  • aesthetic brackets
  • metal brackets

200 000 HUF

150 000 HUF
Clear aligners140 000 HUF
Activation12 000 - 15 000 HUF
Retainer40 000 HUF
Mini implants for orthodontic purposes80 000 - 120 000 HUF

VAT included!