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We are happy to welcome you to Crystal Dental, Budapest's brand new dental clinic. Our clinic is located in downtown Budapest in a modern and friendly environment. Our team offers you the very best in personalized and comprehensive dental care.


From the first screening tests, through traditional and prosthetic dentistry, to any kind of aesthetic treatment you may need, Crystal Dental is here to offer you and your loved ones excellent restorative and cosmetic treatments .

Our practice includes two separate and fully equipped dental surgery rooms with a panoramic view of the beautiful Elizabeth square.

Crystal Dental is carefully designed in a way to ensure your comfort and convenience. All of our surroundings are very comfortable and the rooms are air-conditioned. Our clinic is just one minute walk from the metro.

Our dentists are experts in various dental fields, therefore we offer you all services in one place only. There is no need for you to wait at other locations for an x-ray, thus you save time and effort.

Crystal Dental is flexible in arranging your appointment and we are well prepared to assist you in all your needs.